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Dora Cooking Dora Homemade Chocolate Games

Dora Homemade Chocolate Game is very interesting game game for those who are interested in cooking . Use the bowl for making chocolate . Three spoon of Cocoa powder and then mixed it.Use one mug of sugar and one litter milk and then mixed it after that for 45 mints in freezer the chocolate is ready . for more dora game s click here.

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Several games that children Plays are most popular on the internet like Dora games, Dora the explorer online games etc. Because today children are more intelligent instead of some years back. Dora the explorer is one of the most popular games platform for kids to get both, learning and entertainment. Dora is the 7 years old girl who were always involved in adventures and she likes to explore her world in imaginative things, She also like to take part of the jungles activities. She is most intelligent girl and her friends are monkey named Boots, the map and the most important thing she would like to always carry with her is the purple backpack.

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